About me

So you want to know more about me, well here you go. 

I am a wife, and a stay at home mom to two wild girls, 3 and almost 5. We love forest adventures on our acreage and road trips to the mountains. In the summer I love to garden with my girls, although they mostly just smell all the flowers and eat all my peas!

My husband and I met at work. I worked in forestry and he worked for a helicopter company, we knew each other for 4 years before we started dating. We lived in Vancouver for a year and decided it wasn't for us! We moved to Edson in 2014, got married in 2015, and had our first baby in 2016, it was a busy few years.

My 3 younger siblings and I grew up on our parent's cattle ranch, we were always either chasing cows and adventuring or at the rink! I figure skated until I was 18, both my brothers played hockey into their 20's, and my poor little sister hated rinks! We love heading back to the ranch, the girls like to help my dad with chores, riding horses, and heading down to the river for a campfire.

I have loved photography for a long time, but for many years photography was purely for my personal enjoyment. I never thought I would take it further than making images of trees, mosses, and mushrooms. With time and encouragement from my husband, I started to want to work with people more and more. I still love pointing the lens at nature but working with people to create memories has definitely become a passion. Three Tree Photography is giving me the chance to continue to grow as a photographer to capture your families, your memories, and your love. 

feel free to scroll through a few of my favorite images of my family

Bradley Wari