Adventure Cat

In September, we got new kittens, Pepper Pepperoni and Fluffy Marshmallow. We got the kittens from my parents, who had a batch of farm kittens my girls fell in love with. We already have pets, two Karelian bear dogs Koa (11) and Mikko (5) and two cats that Nick adopted from my parent's ranch the first time he visited. So we have no shortage of pets but I guess there is always room for more. My parents own a ranch and so I was always surrounded by animals, there was always an animal that I felt like was mine, whether it really was or not is a different story! I had been feeling bad that our girls only had older pets, don't get me wrong older pets are great and the girls love and care for them deeply. But the girls always call Koa Mommys dog, Mikko is Daddys dog and the cats are always Daddys cats. Brielle actually only calls Calie "Daddys cat" or dingleberry, she apparently doesn't care that her name is Calie. So because I wanted the girls to have an animal that they felt was theirs to love and take care of I talked myself into two new kittens. I do want to say getting your kids a pet is not something to be taken lightly but our girls at 2.5 and 4 have been feeding the animals basically on their own for a long time now, Brielle feeds the dogs and Emma feeds the Cats and they almost never need reminding.

After a weekend at my parents, the girls were beyond excited to bring Fluffy and Pepper home! The kitten's sat in the girls' laps the whole drive home from my parent's place, three hours and they were just happily curled up with their girls napping and playing. Emma and Pepper were inseparable, Emma insisted on having Pepper sleep in her room and Pepper was more than happy to do that! This meant that poor little Fluffy was left with me because there was no way B was going to sleep with fluffy in her bed! and although I cuddled with Fluffy for a while, she slept in a crate in my tub and not in my bed!!

BUT then on the second day they were home, late in the afternoon, Fluffy went missing. Nick had to head off to work around 5:30 pm and we still could not find Fluffy, we looked under the car under the hood and in the wheels then he went off to work. That night I searched everywhere, I put Pepper out so she would meow and hopefully call her little sister out of hiding. I spent most of the night outside calling and listening for fluffy, I was sure nothing had come into the yard and grabbed her because our dogs would not let anything get that close. So I was worried she had gotten herself stuck somewhere and couldn't get back to us. I left Mikko out for the night to be sure nothing would come for the kitten at night, and finally, at 2:30 AM I stopped looking.

The next morning Nick was looking for Fluffy after his shift but then had to sleep before his shift that night. I looked for her for a while but I had to head to Stony Plain and drop the girls off with Nick's parents because I had a family session booked that day with my friends Dani & Shawn. Before we left home I told the girls we had been unable to find Fluffy, they were both very upset but B was sure she was coming back. We decided to bring Pepper with us to Nicks parent's place, partly to give the girls some comfort and partly because I didn't want to leave her outside on her own with no one home for the day. Shortly after we wrapped up Dani and Shawn's family photo session I got a text from Nick:

N: So Ummm... the cat hitched a ride in the car

Me: oh no :(

N: Oh no she is totally fine!

Ummm.....Wait, WHAT!!!

Ok, so seriously what happened with this wild adventure is crazy! So the day she went missing Nick and I checked the car before he went to work we even looked under the hood but saw no sign of her. So When Nick got to work and heard the guys talking about the kitten they had found that day his mind was blown, we had obviously missed something when we did the vehicle check because it seems she went the whole 21km drive to Nicks work tucked somewhere in the car. One of the guys found her in the parking lot in the morning and they all rallied around and took care of her, one guy's wife brought out some kitten food and another one of the guys decided they would take her in. They kind of assumed she had been dropped off by someone who just didn't want her, but really who wouldn't love this little kitten!!

We made arrangements for the girls and me to go to Nick's work and pick up Fluffy. So after supper with Dani and Shawn, I picked up the girls at Nicks parent's place and we rushed back to Edson to pick up our little adventure kitty. The girls were over the moon excited to hit the road and get their kitty back! Fluffy even got a little bit of a name change.

Fluffy Lucky Marshmallow. These Kittens are so loved!

So what pet is next for the Wari acreage? a donkey? a cow? a horse?? Maybe we will start with a bunny or some sheep, definitely not chickens!

See the post I made on Instagram a few days after Fluffy's adventures here

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