Dani & Shawn

Dani and I met longer ago than either one of us would like to think about. We were both taking the Forest Technology program at NAIT. We quickly became friends, spending many days and nights doing anything everything and nothing together. We even lived together for 5 days (I think) in a lean-to in the middle of winter for winter survival lab.

Since school, we spend time with each other when we can having the odd wine night to catch up, going to each other's weddings and just swinging by whenever we get the chance. Life is busy and sometimes wine nights and visits are few and far between.

In September Dani asked if I could fit her in for some family photos and I was excited to do them. One reason is I am honestly excited every time anyone contacts me for a session but I was also excited because it has been too long since we had the chance to catch up!

Dani and Shawn have a stunning property that was absolutely full of colourful leaves so there was no shortage of beautiful places to create their family photos. We took a little walk down a trail in the forest where we captured some fun shots and had some laughs. While getting some cute family shots one of Dani's chickens walked out on to the trail. Spot (the chicken) had been missing, presumed dead until then. Dani had been sure a coyote had gotten about a week before but apparently, she had survived the attack! I was no help catching the chicken as I am not a bird person and lucky for me my help was not needed. It was entertaining watching the 3 of them wrangle Spot.

Once they got Spot back in the coop with all her friends and I could relax again, we continued with our session. In the neighbours' yard, we found this awesome hill covered in leaves and lucky for us the neighbours happen to be Shawns dad and his wife!

It is really a joy to get the chance to photograph friends with their loved ones, I love knowing we are creating something that will be going on their wall and will hopefully make them smile for years. When I am photographing friends I get to see a different side of them and their relationships than when we are sitting around a campfire or a dinner table. Seeing the happiness my friends have created in their lives is a really special thing, I am grateful to have the opportunity to see it as a photographer and also as a friend.

This lean on the fence idea would have worked much better if I had realized Shawn...and Dani for that matter are both more than a little taller than me. When I saw this picture it made me laugh and imagine the two of them meeting at a bar and talking for the first time. I know that is not how they met but still made me smile and laugh thinking about it. I had to include it and I hope it makes you smile a little just like I did.

After our session, we had a lovely visit and a delish supper (Thanks Dani!!) it got cut a little short because I had to run back to Edson to pick up one of our new kittens who had gone off on a wild little adventure. That story will be coming up in a blog soon so stay tuned for that!

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