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We live on a acreage, we have a big play set, a trampoline, and acres of bush and grass for the girls to play. BUT after 2 months of not leaving they have been restless they miss their grandparents and want to see the mountains! So on the Friday before mothers day I packed some snacks, the girls, and of course my camera. My plan was to go to Robb and hopefully see some wildlife, have a little adventure with the girls and go home. We ended up doing a little more than that!

First we took a detour to Fickle lake. I had never been and thought it would be a fun spot for the girls to run free. I was right. They had a blast!

After about an hour of playing on the rocks and near the water I thought they might want to have a little picnic but they both informed me that they wanted to "hit the road" and they would like to eat on the road. Whenever we go on big road trips where we know we want to eat on the road or have a picnic I make the girls "egg bites" they are easy, and the girls love them. So I passed out the egg bites and veggies then headed towards Robb. I was surprised the girls were both still awake when I pulled over at to take a picture of a Canadian Goose 30 min later. They had both seemed tired before we left home and both tend to sleep well on drives. I asked if they wanted to head home and the both said they wanted to hit the road for adventure. So I decided we may as well head towards Cadomin and see where the day would take us!

About 200 meters after hitting gravel we saw a beautiful Great Grey owl. It was hunting RIGHT beside the road. Now for most people it would have been cool, don't get me wrong it was cool, but I am also not a bird person. By that I mean I am afraid of them, like if they get too close I get really uncomfortable and try moving away, and if they fly towards me I scream and run blindly away! And I am not just talking owls I am talking chickens, chickadees, you name it, if it is a bird I run! So anyway back to the Owl, it was sitting on a post that was meant for a road sign right beside the road, and I didn't see it until it was in line with my drivers side window. I slammed on the breaks wanting to get some pictures but then also realized how close the owl was, I started shaking sooo much. As I was getting my camera I was thinking maybe I can roll my window down JUST enough to get my lens out and take some pictures. Rolling down my window with an owl less than 10m away did not seem like an option to me. Lucky for me the owl decided we were a little too close for it too so he flew away but not far. It landed on a dead spruce and continued hunting so I attempted to get some pictures. Here is a sample of my first few shots, I was seriously shaky haha.

I did manage to calm myself down and get some good shots. The girls were really loving watching the owl hunt so we sat there for a while.

Eventually the girls got bored so we "hit the road" and kept on driving. It was a drizzly day so we didn't stop much, but the girls were happy chatting to each other, snacking on egg bites and veggies, and asking questions. It was a beautiful drive and we will definitely be doing it again. I thought about going and checking out the actual village of Cadomin but it was getting a little later in the afternoon so I decided to head to Hinton then home.

The road to Hinton takes you right through a coal mine which the girls thought was really neat. And apparently Elk like the hills at the mine, Brielle apparently LOVES Elk!

We got past the Elk and headed towards Hinton. Both girls were still WIDE awake, happy and wanting more adventures!! It didn't take long, shortly after we got back onto pavement we saw a mama bear and her two cubs digging in the ditch. Brielle immediately started crying because she needed honey since, "bears love honey and so does she". Am I a bad mom for telling her she couldn't have honey or the momma bear would come take it from her? Well it worked, she stopped crying and just watched the bear cubs haha. We were lucky we got to see the cubs feeling good and running and playing around. These encounters definitely made me wish for more lenses for my camera but I made do.

When we moved on from the bears I thought we would probably head straight home but the girls wanted MORE adventures! So we stopped at Obed Provincial Park and the girls ran and jumped off rocks for an hour. Then we loaded up and met up with Nick to see him for a couple quick minutes before he went to his night shift. Then we headed home for the day.

I have to admit I wasn't sure how the day would go. Before we left home the girls were grouchy, fighting, and already acting like they needed nap. Once we were on the road they immediately changed and were so happy and excited for an adventure. Honestly it was the best day I have had in long time. I can't wait for more adventures with my two wild girls.

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