I love the pouty faces just as much as the smiles.

Another family session from June! Before this session, Melissa mentioned to me that she has next to no pictures of her with her sweet little girl. So I knew I wanted to focus on getting some nice images of just mom and daughter. I think Melissa's problem is a common problem moms have and I love capturing sweet little moments between moms and their babies. It is also something I should probably challenge myself to do better with...but that would mean brushing my hair more often I am not sure I am ready for that.

As a mom of two girls I also know that some days are hard, some days your littles are just in a mood, or they have had a long day before I show up with my camera. Sometimes they just don't want a strange lady with a camera in there face, I get that! Poor little Mary-Grace had a long day of playing before I showed up for our session and she was not wanting to play the happy smiling model, but with some patience and distractions, we got some really sweet photos of her. I think I love the pouty faces just as much as the smiles.

I want all the moms out there to know I understand that it is stressful when the photographer is coming and your kids are grouchy and your husband is complaining about having his pictures taken and you are stressing about your outfit. But I really want you to know I will work with you, your husband will most likely stop complaining (while I am around anyway) I will bring out bubbles to get smiles from your kid, or we will work with the pouty faces, or if I if it is just too much I am willing to reschedule. I understand that some days it is just not going to work no matter how hard we try.

I won't be frustrated if the kids are having a rough day, I love spending time with families and capturing the little moments they share, that doesn't matter to me if its comforting cuddles, puppy kisses, or a man riding a pony.

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