Journey to Three Tree

A blog post hey?? not sure I'll be good at this but here we go...I guess I should start this off by introducing myself, Hi my name is Bradley. I am a stay at home mom to two crazy little girls, and the wife of a laundry fairy! Seriously I have folded like 3 loads of laundry in the last year. It's FANTASTIC!

I have always liked taking pictures, but was embarrassed and felt awkward doing it in public and around friends so I didn't do it often. When I was 19 I went to Spain and Switzerland where I had an great little point and shoot. I got some pretty awesome shots with that thing and I think that is when I really fell in love with photography. Most of the pictures from that trip are all printed and not stored digitally!

When I got home from Spain I decided to enroll in the NAIT forestry program and spent the next 2 years doing that. I spent the summer between first and second year (and a few summers after I graduated) doing helicopter herbicide spray. This is where I met my husband, he worked as ground crew for the helicopter company and I was working for the forestry companies that had the spray programs. It took us a few years before we started dating but we got to where we are. As a monitor for the spray programs I spent a lot of time alone in cut blocks waiting for the weather to be just right so we could spray. While waiting for the weather I spent a lot of time reading and playing with my little point and shoot camera. I also managed to grab a few acceptable shots of helicopters.

When I was working in forestry I got sick of running into bears so I got Koa, my Karelian Bear dog. She became my little model and I probably have a gazillion pictures of her cute little face.

Life moved on and changed I left forestry, Nick and I started dating then moved to BC for a year. We moved back to Alberta, bought an acreage in Edson, got engaged, got another dog, got married, got pregnant and had Emma.

NOW I was taking pictures every day and loving it. I slowly realized I wanted to do more, to get better. So I started watching youtube videos and taking online courses. I always thought my only interest in photography was nature and pets, I didn't think I wanted to take pictures of people. On Emma's first Birthday I took this picture of her and I looked at it everyday for awhile, the more I looked at it the more I began feeling the desire to take photos of other people. Now I look at the picture and I see problems but it is the shot that got me thinking that maybe just maybe I could be a photographer.

With a little encouragement from my amazing man I started Three Tree Photography. I also have to give a big thanks to my friend at One Four Photography for having me second shoot weddings and always being encouraging!

Now our family has grown to include Brielle and Three Tree Photography is growing slowly but surely. I have so many hopes and dreams for our beautiful family AND for Three Tree photography.

I currently have prints for sale at The Heart of Edson Gallery and Studio as well as two prints waiting to be hung in a local restaurant. I have joined the Edson Photography club which I am loving. Having a community to go out and try new things with has been great for me.

My plans for this blog are to post both personal stories of our family adventures as well my client sessions and events. See you next time.

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