Just a girl with her family

I always love family sessions but when the kids are about the same age as my girls and the parents are people I know, I find it easier to settle in and get the kind of pictures I love to take. Sometimes that means asking an old friend to spin his kids around and around AND around...again and again (sorry Scott haha) but I think it was worth it!

Some family sessions include dogs or cats, but this one included goats, cows, and a horse. Now I am not going to lie I got a little nervous before this session because I hadn't been out to Scott and Michelle's new place but I know they have chickens. And if you know me you know I am not a bird person. I was a little (probably more than a little) worried the chickens would try following me while we were doing photos and I wouldn't be able to concentrate, haha but in the end, I hardly even saw the chickens. Check out Just a Girl With a Hobby on Facebook if you would like updates on the goats and other animals on Michelle's hobby farm. You can also check out her brand new website petryshenboers.

It was a complete joy to get to spend some time with this family, to see their smiles and laughter, and to see how happy they all are. I look forward to getting the girls together and see the trouble the 4 of them can cause!

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