"Oh, I want to twirl in it mommy" Emma squealed when she saw me set my wedding dress down on the grass in front of her. Both girls were in love with the big poofy dirty wedding dress, yea...I never got around to dry cleaning my dress.

Shortly after Nick and I got married thought about selling my dress but I saw some pictures of little girls in wedding dresses on Pinterest and decided I needed to keep my dress. It sits in my closet or in the shed for 363 or 364 days a year (I wore it for a tea party this winter haha) and I have no regrets.

I also have no regrets about buying these hilariously cute $9 sunglasses Brielle refuses to wear for more than 5 minutes at a time

Emma was so excited to get into the dress and twirl which was actually impossible because the dress is huge and heavy on her but when she fell on her face trying to twirl I was there to capture the smiles and laughter.

Seriously ladies if you still have your dress and you have daughters it is soooo worth bringing the dress out and getting some some pictures!

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