Road trip Egg Bites

So I mentioned these Egg bites in my Girls Trip Blog, I started making them last summer and have made them a ton since. I honestly cant say how good they are, I don't eat eggs, but my girls LOVE them. Warning this recipe is kinda like how my Great Grandma made bread.... you just do it, don't measure just go by feel haha.

Now I hate going through a mile of fluff to find a recipe so here is the recipe.

Road Trip Egg Bites

4 Eggs

grated cheese

chopped mushroom

diced tomato

frozen chopped kale

mix all ingredients in a bowl

Dump into ring molds on a frying pan or into your english muffin maker

let cook until it doesn't jiggle when you poke the top.

So I have this sandwich maker my mom got Nick before we were married and that is what I use to cook them but you could use metal ring moulds or even just bake them in muffin tins but this sandwich maker works well for me!

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