The whole Family

With Christmas on the way and the world being the way it is, I am sure many of us have our families on our minds even more than we normally do. So with that in mind, I wanted to highlight a couple of special wonderful family sessions I was lucky enough to photograph this fall. I Photographed two lovely extended family photo sessions this fall. These sessions are so fun. It is so great seeing the love the families in all my sessions have for each other and in the larger sessions, there is just that much more love and laughter. This year has not been easy on most families. Not being able to get together and see the ones we love, the people we depend on is HARD. Families are really treasuring whatever time together they can get. Even if that time is spent getting family photos done.

After some more formal poses the kids, especially the littles always get a little antsy so I like to get them to run and play around, blow off a little steam. Watching these cousins play and laugh together was so heartwarming. These kinds of images make me excited to see my own kids playing with little cousins, the first of which is scheduled to arrive in March, YAY!!!!

I love capturing images with movement, laughter, and wild smiles. Shots like these are one of my favorite things about being a photographer, seeing the real smiles the real laughter, the real connection, and the real LOVE makes me truly happy.

If you are still looking for Christmas gifts Three Tree Photography has gift certificates available just call, text, or email me. I also have prints available for sale on my website as well as a few at The Heart of Edson Gallery and Mountain steak and Pizza Edson.

Wherever you shop I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and get to celebrate in one form or another with friends and family. This holiday season is definitely going to look a little different than normal but I hope you all find ways to enjoy it anyway.

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