Hello, romantics! Gather 'round, because I've got a heartwarming story for you—one that unfolded in the enchanting meadow near Edson, Alberta. This is a tale of love, patience, and a truly unforgettable surprise proposal that left, one of us completely shocked.

Now let me set the scene—I was away for most of the summer (that blog should be coming soonish). But the star of this story is Jeremiah, a man with a heart full of love, a ring and an idea. He had reached out to me initially in June to schedule a proposal session for Alida on her birthday, envisioning it as the ultimate surprise gift. However, as fate would have it, scheduling became a bit tricky.

Here's where the story takes a turn towards the magical—Jeremiah was determined to make this moment unforgettable but truly wanted it document it. When the original plan for Alida's birthday didn't align perfectly, we put our heads together and came up with an idea. Instead of a pre-scheduled session, we decided to create a gift certificate for a couples' photo session, allowing Alida to choose when she wanted to use it.

And so, with the gift certificate in hand, Alida had the freedom to book the photo session whenever she pleased, completely unsuspecting of what lay ahead. This did leave the date of the proposal out of Jeremiah's hands.

As fall arrived and painted Alberta's landscapes with vibrant colors, Alida decided it was time to redeem her birthday gift. She reached out to me to schedule the photo session. I was so excited, and a little nervous about accidentally saying something that would give her a hint that would give the surprise away. We selected a beautiful meadow as our location, ensuring it would provide the perfect backdrop for their love story.

On the day of the photo session, Alida and Jeremiah arrived at the meadow during the golden hour, dressed for a fairy tale! It was the perfect setting for what would soon become a moment etched in their hearts forever. Our session began like any other couples' photoshoot, with smiles, laughter, and genuine affection filling the air. Alida and Jeremiah's love is so evident that it is an absolute delight to capture their connection through my lens. Every time I get these two in front of my camera they hardly take their eyes off each other, they talk and giggle and more than anything else enjoy each other.

When the moment was just right, Jeremiah seized the opportunity he had SOO patiently waited for. With the meadow's natural beauty as a backdrop, he dropped to one knee and asked Alida to be his forever.

In the end, Jeremiah's unwavering patience and love transformed his vision into reality. What began as a birthday gift certificate turned into an evening filled with love, adventure, and a promise. Alida and Jeremiah's love story is now forever in photographs, a testament to the timeless beauty and the enduring magic of love.

To Alida and Jeremiah, may your love story continue to be filled with beautiful surprises and cherished moments. Congratulations on your engagement, and thank you for allowing me to be part of your extraordinary journey.