I have recently had the pleasure of working on a couple of projects with local Edson rap artist Srvent. I love working with other creatives and Srvent is a very creative person. He is not just a rapper or a videographer he is also a father and husband. The first time I met him was at playtime at the Red Brick center with his kids, he was in full dad mode but I remember hearing him talk about being a musician. A short time later I heard a local photographer talking about a concert they had attended where a local artist Srvent had played, so I looked him up on IG and started following him. The next time I met him he was modelling for us during a Dave Brosha workshop I was attending, put on by The Heart of Edson Gallery and Studio. Because I had seen and followed Spencer (Srvent) on social media, I had an idea for the style of images I wanted to work towards. We did not have much time but I was pretty happy with the results especially because we were working with studio lights, and I am very much a natural light photographer.

This winter, I was working with Edson Neighbours magazine and was asked to meet with a family to take the cover photos for the next feature family. I was surprised to hear that I had met a member of the family that I would be working with for the cover. Although I am not new to Edson, I spend most of my time on my acreage and don't know a lot of people in the area, so I was pretty surprised. Spencer and his wife Becky have 3 beautiful energetic girls, the whole crew is full of life and laughter. This family was fun and easy to photograph, they all acted so natural and really allowed me to capture them as they really are together. Their two oldest girls were so warm and outgoing it took them no time at all to warm up to the camera.

Spencer also does freelance work, after chatting about wedding photography and videography and he agreed to work with me to offer a photography/videography package. so if you are planning a wedding and looking for photography & videography services I would love it if you would contact me.

Shortly after working on the cover, I got a call from Spencer telling me about a video for his new single Loser he asked if I wanted to come and get some behind the scene images. I am always looking for an excuse to get behind the camera so I jumped on the idea.

Most of my work through Three Tree Photography is outdoors with smiling laughing families, kids or dogs in natural light. This was different, the video shoot is was in Kal Tire with light stands and people acting, the theme a bit darker and more intense than most of my other work. A new challenge sounded fun to me. It was fun! I found was really interesting to watch everyone work together to bring the vision for the scene to life. The crew came prepared, Spencer had everything planned out, the scene had been rehearsed and Spencer had troubleshot any problems he thought they might encounter. Spencer and Becky make a great team quickly reviewing footage and deciding if something needs to be changed, redone or if the shot is THE shot. They have really found their rhythm working together as a two-person film crew. I had an absolute blast watching this creative process. The video was made to pay homage to the movie John Wick, I had never seen the movie before but after this, I went home and watched the movie!

If you are interested in watching the video here is the link.

Here are some behind the scene images of the team working to create the video.

I also managed to get a few storytelling images. These images are far from most of my other work but I really enjoyed the process and it is always good to get out of my creative comfort zone!

I can't wait to see what srvent comes up with next